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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Joyful Finds: Adventures of Tom Sawyer Excerpt

[Joyful Finds Series]
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Happy Labor Day!
I hope everyone has a fun, safe day celebrating all of their hard work and successes!

Here is an excerpt from the classic Mark Twain novel, Adventures of Tom Sawyer that always makes me grin- no matter how many times I've read it:

     "Then they sat together, with a slate before them, and Tom gave Becky the pencil and held her hand in his, guiding it, and so created another surprising house. When the interest in art began to wane, the two fell to talking. Tom was swimming in bliss. He said:
    'Do you love rats?'
    'No! I hate them!'
    'Well, I do too- live ones. But I mean dead ones, to swing around your head with a string.'
    'No, I don't care for rats much, anyway. What I like is chewing- gum.'
    'Oh, I should say so. I wish I had some now.'
    'Do you? I've got some. I'll let you chew it awhile, but you must give it back to me.'
That was agreeable, so they chewed it turn about, and dangled their legs against the bench in excess of contentment." (Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain, p68)

Life was simple as a kid, eh? Takes me back to my barefoot days, elementary school crushes, and silly childhood logic often comparable to swapping a piece of chewing gum back and forth, though I never did do that- I don't think. 

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