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Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY baby gifts and birthday bags

It's a rare occasion when I sew for someone other than myself and here I am posting my third and fourth not - made - for - me project in less than two months! Truth be told, I'm dying to sew more for myself again, but this pregnancy weight is just not falling off fast enough. Anyway, I had fun making this baby blanket with matching burp cloths for a friend who is expecting a sweet, little girl. I paired a rose printed flannel fabric to a hot pink fleece for the blanket and just love how it looks together! Oh, little girls are such a treat; I'm so excited for my friend to become a mommy!
When I was done with that, I made a bag for Auntie's birthday. I'm getting braver about adding detail and I hope she likes the lace applique hearts and the knotted front.

Taggy Rug

Yea, that's taggy- not tacky!

Inspired by a baby blanket my sister in law made me when my daughter was born, I turned a piece of pink home decor fabric from my scrap bin into a rug for my daughters room.

 Just some loops and a zig zag stitch around the perimeter...
 It has been dubbed the official picnic spot.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Blessing

Our precious baby boy received his name and a blessing in church this past Sunday. 

We planned on a small circle of only a few friends that we have made here to stand in support with my husband; after all we do live ten hours away from any family members. To our surprise, two of my brother in laws thought they'd drive up for the occasion. As it turns out, we only knew about the two of them coming because one of their wives couldn't keep a secret, (it's ok, I'm the same way.) Apparently, the rest of the wives can however, because Saturday night five of my six brother in laws just showed up! (The 6th is totally excused as he would have had to fly a very long way to get here, though he was missed!) What a crazy, fun surprise! We were thrilled. They surprised my husband at his job, stopped by to see me and the kids, and then the guys all went out to dinner. The next day, we all went to the church for the blessing, came back home for some finger foods, and then they all hopped in their vehicle and- bless their hearts- drove the 10+ hours home! Whew- wee! Aren't they the best though for wanting to do that? I'm really glad one of 'em snapped some cell phone pictures since I didn't have my camera out. Boo.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Aunts are more fun than moms

January flew by (thank goodness); is it summer yet? Anyway, January's last week was filled with a fun visit from an aunt whom my daughter quickly realized was a whole lot more fun than mom! Little girl figured out she had better luck if she asked her aunt for sweets, and was met with less resistance if she bossed her around the play room. What can I say? She's one smart cookie! We all enjoyed the visit. Honestly, it felt like a week long slumber party for me! I loved all the adult conversation and the girl to girl giggles!