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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Blessing

Our precious baby boy received his name and a blessing in church this past Sunday. 

We planned on a small circle of only a few friends that we have made here to stand in support with my husband; after all we do live ten hours away from any family members. To our surprise, two of my brother in laws thought they'd drive up for the occasion. As it turns out, we only knew about the two of them coming because one of their wives couldn't keep a secret, (it's ok, I'm the same way.) Apparently, the rest of the wives can however, because Saturday night five of my six brother in laws just showed up! (The 6th is totally excused as he would have had to fly a very long way to get here, though he was missed!) What a crazy, fun surprise! We were thrilled. They surprised my husband at his job, stopped by to see me and the kids, and then the guys all went out to dinner. The next day, we all went to the church for the blessing, came back home for some finger foods, and then they all hopped in their vehicle and- bless their hearts- drove the 10+ hours home! Whew- wee! Aren't they the best though for wanting to do that? I'm really glad one of 'em snapped some cell phone pictures since I didn't have my camera out. Boo.


  1. Hey I have a 25 year old daughter who needs a man are any of them single? Cute baby!

  2. Your comments always make me smile! Tell her good luck! All these boys are married though.