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Friday, April 13, 2012

13 months old!

I've said this before at different ages and stages, but this time I think I REALLY mean it! This is the best age ever! Our daughter has so much personality!

She gave up walking when she learned how to run and it is one of my favorite things in the world when she giggles and runs at me from across the room to tackle me in a great big hug! She loves to mimic sounds repeating da-da and wow; when you give her a word she can't say she lets out a little puff of air and when you tell her bless you she'll give you a string of fake sneezes. She is finally, consistently, sleeping all through the night now. We get ready for nap time and bed time by singing Elvis Presley, Love Me Tender and cuddling. While I rock her I stroke the back of her head and just recently she has starting patting the back of my head at the same time. Melts my heart. She's been spending a lot of time with her dad because I've been so sick with pregnancy, but she comes in to check on me from time to time. She plays peek a boo behind the side of the bed and even gives me her binki whenever I start to cry.

We just moved into a fantastic new apartment where her room is twice the size of her old one! She is loving all of this extra space to play. We also have a front porch now and she loves to stand out there and wave to all the neighbors. Everyone so far has waved back and her face lights up in the biggest grin! She is every bit as social as her father.

She is getting to be such a big eater! Seriously, she is no fun to share with at all as she can finish my whole bowl of oatmeal and then go after dads entire yogurt. And this is after she's already had her breakfast! She loves shrimp, veggies, bananas, and we finally figured out how to get her to eat meat. Stop cutting it up! Seriously, where is the fun in bite sized pieces? We have seven teeth after all!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Latest and Greatest Project

This little crafting blog has been quite neglected as of late, but don't you think for a second it is because I have stopped creating! I've been hard at work on my latest and greatest project, and it's still no where near to being done. But, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek! You see, for the past two months I have been busy, busy creating a... baby! (And, by busy, busy of course I mean sick, sick.) Baby number two is eight weeks tomorrow and due on November 23rd. Ah, our little Thanksgiving baby. Too early to know much, but the heart rate is strong so we assume all is healthy and well. I am again seeing midwives, and I am relieved that I liked my midwife today perhaps as much as I liked the one who delivered our daughter back in Colorado. This project is very time consuming! I am nauseated 24/ 7; even waking up in the night to be sick! Mostly, I spend my time wondering if I will ever feel happiness again? Yes, I realize I'm a bit dramatic. I'm just glad my husband is the awesome dad that he is. He has completely taken over caring for our 13 month old, cleaning house, cooking, and making mad dashes for taco bell nacho supremes. Taco bell, banana splits, steak and lobster are my fiercest cravings. (No, I don't get to eat all the expensive lobster I want, but I can dream.)
Here's proof!

Now I can officially display this fantastic button on my blog!
I'm not sure who to give credit to for creating this great button, sorry.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thanks for Visiting us!

We had more company the other week. My beautiful Aunt (whom I look so much a like, and always have... must be because we share birthdays) and her two kids chose to spend their spring break with us! Because, you know, our town is so exciting! Their visit felt like a "staycation" for us as we actually got out and did the fun things there is to do around here. They took my little girl swimming at their hotel. My cousin and I went and saw Hunger Games... in a movie theater! Haven't been to one of those in forever, literally, I even got popcorn... and candy. We LOVED the movie! The book was excellent, of course, but man- my imagination is lame because the movies portrayal of the Capital was far better than anything I had thought up. And, yes, I cried when little Rue died. Heck, I cried when they called Prims name, and when we saw Gale watching Katniss kiss Peeta. I was a mess. I probably shouldn't have admitted to all of that. But didn't they do an excellent job casting? Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, Stanley Tucci were all so perfect for their roles. Anyway... We went bowling. Laser tag and glow golf were fantastic distractions for my husband to take away some of the stress he'd been feeling in preparation for his semesters finals. Their timing was excellent because I needed a little extra help, and my daughter loved having playmates around. We were all sad to see them go.
She idolized him!

I wish I had gotten more pictures of this gal with my kiddo since she took care of her the whole time!