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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweater Refashion: Project Headband.

I took an old, boxy sweater...

... and turned it into a couple of headbands.

There is plenty of sweater left over, I may just have to make a few more headbands. They're super easy. I just cut out a strip and sewed it into a tube! I'm totally loving ribbon flowers I added to the one head band. May have to post more about that another time!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mommy Daughter Maxi Skirts

 I made myself a red, gathered maxi skirt this past week and had enough fabric to make a little maxi skirt for my daughter. She LOVED it! I had her try it on for size yesterday and I could hardly get her to take it off so I could finish stitching it up! My skirt is essentially a large rectangle sewed together at the sides, gathered at the top and attached to a waistband. The stretchy knit fabric makes zippers and hems unnecessary. Hers was a much smaller rectangle, sewn halfway down the side (I chose to leave the bottom of the side seam open creating a slit that makes running, climbing and all sorts of toddler play more possible), and a rolled skirt top into a casing in which I threaded 1 inch elastic. We wore our matching outfits to church today. I'm glad she still thinks I'm cool enough to dress like!

 Getting her to stand still and look at the camera was a battle this morning...
 She's just too silly and energetic for Sunday morning portraits!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2 months old

This cutie pie is two months old already! The chalkboard photo prop pretty much says it all: His weight has doubled since we brought him home from the hospital; I adore those chubby cheeks! SJ is holding his head up pretty well and looks around at his surroundings. He makes eye contact and gives the biggest grins; he smiles with his eyes just like his daddy does. Poor guy's being treated for acid reflux, and is much happier now that he gets medicine, though he is still officially the spit up king. He can also burp the loudest, most impressive belches I have ever heard come forth out of anyone- baby or adult! He loves being on his tummy and he loves to be held. Such a sweet; cuddly little child! He rarely cries, which is just amazing in comparison to his older sister who, poor thing, had colic something fierce there for a while. Instead, he grunts and whines and sleepily fusses until someone picks him up. Most of the time, he sleeps all through the night, sometimes even 7 hours in a row before wanting to eat! And, luckily- he falls right back to sleep after he eats. We're all still so in love and enjoying watching him grow!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Reversible Bag with Pockets!

I'm at it again! And, what's better than a reversible bag??? A reversible bag with pockets! Loving these quick- to- come- together- projects! (Tutorial here.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The One Hour Reversible Bag

Isn't it cute? 

Little girl stood beside me and watched me sew up the straps, "right sides together!" I explained and thus before she has even turned two, she's had her very first sewing lesson. Maybe in a couple years she can make her first bag... This would be a great project to start with. Not too difficult and comes together very quickly. You can find the pattern and tutorial here at Very Purple Person. I think it's great for using up fabric scraps so you can bet you'll be seeing more bags around here!

Top 5 posts in 2012

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I have had more fun with this little family and sewing blog!
It means so much to me that others have also found it to be enjoyable...

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