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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breezy Maxi Skirt with Side Stripe

From bedsheets to clothing...

Remember the long skirt I wore in my maternity photo shoot? Here's the scoop and a lil' tutorial too.

My absolute favorite thing to purchase from a thrift store is a bed sheet. With a good washing it is more than ready to use in a sewing project, and I always buy the whole sheet for less than I could have found even a yard of the same material at a fabric store. This particular skirt was made out of two bedsheets, both were queen sized fitted sheets (though yes, I did have a lot of sheet left over) and I paired them with a blue blouse that I also purchased from the thrift store while I was there!

When I set out to make another outfit for myself, I envisioned something feminine; something flattering for my rounding pregnant body (and lets be honest, it isn't just my stomach that's rounding out!) A maxi skirt came to mind, but I wanted to achieve more flow and airiness than can be had with a heavier knit fabric. I am so glad that I had picked up this floral bed sheet a while back! I am so happy with the result.

All you need is two complimentary fabric pieces, or bed sheets and a length of 1" elastic. Here is how I made it (p.s. It was super easy!):

Begin by taking your measurements. 
Measure around your middle where you plan on wearing your skirt. Add 20 inches to this measurement. I measured 32" + 20" = 52"
Measure how long you want your skirt to be. I had my husband help me; he measured from where I took my "waist" measurement above, all the way to the floor over my belly in the front. Add 1 inch for a hem and 2 inches for an elastic casing. I measured 47" + 1 + 2 = 50"

Cut out your fabric pieces.
Cut out a rectangle from your fabric according to your measurements. I cut mine 52" x 50"

Now, take your second fabric and cut it out in the shape of a triangle (except the top is flat doesn't meet at a point) where the top is 10 inches wide, and the bottom is 18 inches wide, and the length is the same as your skirt (50" for me.)

Get ta sewing!
Pin the triangle piece to that of your rectangle piece and sew up both seams, right sides together.

With skirt inside out, create an elastic casing at the top. This is very simple to do, if you're not sure how to do it- there are lots of simple tutorials out there. Just remember to leave an opening to feed your elastic through! Once you've made your casing, insert elastic and finish it off.

Hem the bottom of your skirt. I chose to use a narrower hem in the front of my skirt than for the rest of my skirt so that my baby bump wouldn't make my skirt appear too much shorter in the front.


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