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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby steroids?!

This morning I spoke to my doctor as my contractions were becoming increasingly uncomfortable and frequent so he prescribed nifedipine to make them stop. We're just hopeful that my already low blood pressure won't drop too drastically while taking it. Just in case I do need to stop using the medicine though and I end up going into pre term labor, I was also asked to come in for the first of two shots of betamethosone (a corticosteroid.)

Betamethosone causes, "an immature fetus's lungs to produce a compound called surfactant. A full-term baby's lungs naturally produce surfactant, which lubricates the lining of the air sacs within the lungs. This allows the inner surfaces of the air sacs to slide against one another without sticking during breathing. Premature infants whose lungs have begun producing surfactant are more able to breathe on their own, or with less respiratory treatment, after birth" (webmd.com). Basically, this shot will "benefit a premature newborn by lowering the risk of:
  • Breathing problems (respiratory distress syndrome) after birth.
  • Bleeding in the brain (intraventricular hemorrhage).
  • Intestinal infection (necrotizing enterocolitis).
  • Death" (webmd.com).
Even though pharmaceuticals make me crazy nervous- anything I can do to help this little guy out, I'll be glad to do it. And hey, maybe my son will grow up to be an incredible athlete with strong lungs because he received little baby steroids while in the womb! It is amazing what can be done for little babies these days! Anyway, it's back to the hospital tomorrow morning for the second shot. I'm eager to make this my quickest hospital visit this pregnancy!


  1. I had to have those shots while pregnant with my daughter at 35 weeks. Luckily I made it to 38 weeks with her and she was born healthy and perfect. Even though the shots made me nervous it made me feel a little better that her lungs would be better developed if she came early. Good luck!

  2. Prayers and tjoughts your way...keep us posted!

  3. Oh my! Just got caught up on the last few posts and wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you!

  4. Thanks ladies. Luck, thoughts, and prayers are truly appreciated!

  5. hey jessica. I am a co-host with you on the I love mY online friends blog hop... just wanted to stop by and follow and say hello =)praying everything is ok with you and your little babes...