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Thursday, September 20, 2012

18 Months!

18 months old and I...
Baby signs DVDs, Leap Frog Letter Factory, and musicals; Mama Mia is the favorite!
 Baby dolls and strollers, drinking juice and eating black olives, giving kisses, playing at the park, jumping, brushing her teeth and pouring water between cups.
So many words! This past month her vocabulary has really taken off. I think she picks up a new word, or two, every single day! She's learning opposites, can count to three and is starting to form small sentences: "not right now," "here you go." She is always making us laugh; for some reason she has started calling my husband mom and myself Jess. Sometimes she gets confused and she uses the words water and walk interchangeably. Her favorite words get used a whole lot; sometimes just to start a conversation: shower, baby and juice
We love to read books!
Socks, shoes, coat, hat, diaper, ball, flower, horse, tree, more, please, thank you, baby, help, swing, all-done, ball, comb, car, milk and book.
will show you my:
nariz, oreja, ojos, mano, dedos, zapatos and tummy!
Everything outside! The park is fun, walks are great, but ponds and puddles are the best!

7:30 to 8... usually. Now in a toddler bed!
Once a day. (About 12 to 2... 3:00 if we're lucky!)
Operate the tv and dvd player, plays peek a boo, sings in the car.
sizes up:
66 percentile for weight and 95 percentile for height.
 "I know I'm not suppossed to be on the table, but here- 
give me a hug and we'll both feel better!"
"How about if I just sit down then and put some lotion on?"



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  1. She is adorable! Thanks for sharing at the CHQ blog hop! Hope to see you back next week!