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Saturday, September 22, 2012

31 weeks- not yet little guy!

Just a quick blurb to say that my pregnancy drama continues! Of course it does. All of these random trips to the hospital and/ or doctors office are really getting tedious! We had quite the scare yesterday as I started gushing blood. But, my awesome doctor got me right in and while they don't have a definite cause for all that blood, (could have been a bursting blood vessel or my bodys way of saying hey stupid carrying that huge basket of laundry across the apartment complex for washing is not included in taking it easy as previously ordered,) he was able to rule out the terrible causes it may have been. Except for one small questionable spot, my placenta showed up fine on the ultrasound. Yep- ultrasound! Not going to complain about getting to see baby again! Little boy is healthy and well and probably oblivious to my own discomfort. He was completely bent in half, playing with his little toes right by his face!
Here is SJ's little face profile with his foot right up there by his head!
Next, I was hooked up to the stress test for a half hour to monitor both babys heart, and my own contractions which- at 31 weeks- I really shouldn't be having. What a surprise to all of us when the monitor showed big, consistent, spiking contractions! Both the nurse and the doc said that judging by the look of them, I should be incredibly uncomfortable. I was oblivious to them. This then begs the question, was my labor with my daughter really as fast as I thought, or am I just lucky enough to not notice labor contractions until I hit transition phase. Anyway, while these contractions have been dubbed pre- term contractions but not necessarily pre- term labor I need to be monitored much more closely because with me not noticing them, I may not be able to alert the doctor in time if I do go in to labor early. I'm so miserable being pregnant that it's hard to see the problem in this, but doctor assures me that it's in everyones best interest to prevent a little preemie from happening if at all possible. Hopefully the worst is over! If contractions persist (and they have- every five minutes all through the night) I will probably be put on a prescription to stop them (eye roll). If the bleeding, which has just about stopped by now, happens again I am to go straight to the hospital where I will not be allowed to leave until I can go 48 hours without bleeding; worst case scenario I will have to spend the remainder of my pregnancy in there! Eeeek. No thanks! Six weeks... just gotta make it six more weeks... and then he'll be ready enough to join the world in a safe and healthy manner!


  1. No more carrying washing baskets for a while!!! Take it easy!!!

  2. Gosh you guys scared me yesterday! I couldn't believe I wasnt in town to watch Laurel! AAGH! So glad everything is under control. You need to just take a chill pill and I know you need to get out of the house still to save your sanity, but how bout we just push you in the stroller? mmk?

  3. How scary!! Sending some good vibes your way!! HOLD ON BABY :) Found you thru the hop and excited to follow your blog! XOXOOX

    Kristine The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog