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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We love company

A few weeks ago we had some more company. Why my grandparents thought they wanted to come visit while I was too sick to make their stay enjoyable is beyond me... well, maybe they just couldn't resist seeing their little great grand daughter. It was nice to see them, and their help around here was awfully appreciated. Grandma also brought me a dress that she made for me! This made me so happy as I have really missed sewing lately! I absolutely love the fabric that she chose.

Here is the beautiful dress she sewed for me. I wore it with a belt to accentuate my little baby bump! Yes, there is too a little baby bump. I can see it, and for how much I've been sick I can promise you it isn't just a chub. :-P
She also left me the pattern, McCalls 6102, which I am totally excited about for three BIG reasons.
1. This dress slips on over the head; no zippers! I'm not very good at sewing in zippers yet.
2. It has a super forgiving shape to it. It is going to be absolutely perfect as a maternity dress, especially when I sew it out of a stretch material.
3. I love dresses, especially summer dresses, and especially easy summer dresses! I have a feeling I am soon going to own way, way too many of these.

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