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Monday, May 14, 2012

Bear World!

We have probably passed Bear World a thousand times on the highway since we have lived here. It is fun to peer into the park and see what there is to see while driving by. We've spotted the bison, the deer and the mountain goats, but never any bears. Well, Yellowstone Bear World offered free admission to all mothers over the Mothers Day weekend so we decided to go and this time we did indeed see bears! Lots and lots of bears. This drive through wildlife adventure was absolutely amazing! Even our little girl, who hates sitting in the car, was entertained by all that there was to see out her window. We watched bears sleep and swim, run and climb, wrestle and come right up to our car!
Don't worry, dad drove very, very slow. Here we are watching the mountain goats.

Finally warm enough to lose that winter coat!

Husband patiently told me that these are actually turkeys, not pheasants.

I did recognize these as the buffalo that they are!

These animals are so beautiful I can hardly imagine that they're dangerous.

Hello handsome

Such a playful little bear cub!

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