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Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY Knotted cuff AND Joann Sale

I bought these shorts a few years back and a couple sizes too big so that they'd be long enough for me (they have a draw string so it works out,) but then they shrank! Darn shorts. Oh well, I sewed a little solution to that problem. Recognize these? Crafty Critique. com did a tutorial on how to lengthen kids crop pants, and then she showed how they can be cute on adult shorts too. Sweet.
Yes, I fixed up my shorts just in time for all this rain
I think I should invest in some self tanning lotion
 Oh, and just an FYI, I found some amazing deals at the Joann Fabric Store Memorial Day Sale! 50% off fabric remnants (3$ for rayon spandex for a belly band or two? Heck yes!) 50% off red tag clearance fabric (hello, 4$ maxi skirt) And 5 for 5$ simplicity patterns! Simplicity's summer line is out and is oh- so- cute!I may not be able to wear this until next summer, but I still had to have it:
Love the split front dress and that jacket is fantastic!
I also bought these patterns because I think I could easily make them into maternity wear. And, because they have the princess seam I think that I could turn them each into nursing tops/ dresses too...
I love everything about 2409. 0326 I like the long dress, C, shown in the smaller picture, I'd just add sleeves.


  1. Great way to extend the length of your shorts! Patterns for $1.. awesome. We pay $17 for Simplicity.

  2. I have made 0326, and the neck was too wide. My Gs were showing.

    1. Miles, thank you for the heads up! If I tackle the project, I'll have to adjust accordingly... somehow! :)