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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little dress from moms tank top

I have this ADORABLE yellow tank top that I used to wear over a white tee... not so adorable. But, I realized that it'd make a super cute dress for my little girl!
**More pictures of my cutie in the finished tank/ dress at the end of this post!!! **
My friend just e-mailed me this picture of her and I together last year and I'm wearing this very shirt! (Thanks for sending it!)

All I did was lay one of her shirts down on top of the dress so I could cut the sides off and re sew them to her size. Then, I reattached the original tank top straps, shortened of course, to the top and finished the new arm pit holes. I sewed what had been the shirts side strips back on as little ruffly winged sleeves. Easy, peasy! Disclaimer: It doesn't fit her as well as I'd hoped, but for my first ever shirt refashion project it turned out pretty good. Besides, the best thing about sewing for littles is that they make any project cute, imperfections and all. Am I right??

Don't mind the shadows. Sometimes the best time for playing isn't the best time for photography, and that's ok! Also, I was wearing that necklace but she decided she wanted it and I have to say it looks cute, cute with her dress.


  1. Clever, very clever idea and you used the correct model for the fitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks so cute!!! A great refashion...

  3. Glad I had the pic for you! And yes, lil L is adorable in it now!!

  4. This is awesome,you have great talent!