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Sunday, May 6, 2012

May day, May day, May day

I'm throwing up my arms, waving the white flag, sending out the distress call. We are so beyond our breaking point!

Our poor little girl caught a stomach bug and spent four days throwing up; now she has diarrhea and a wicked diaper rash. All we can do is give her lots of cuddles, push the fluids, and let her get as much sleep as she can. Luckily, between sick spurts she really doesn't seem to be in any pain.

At eleven weeks pregnant I have now been sick, having to spend the majority of every day in bed, for the past seven weeks. Seriously, it couldn't possibly get any worse... Until I caught little ones stomach bug! It hit me hard and it hit me fast. Even when my stomach was completely empty, I could not stop the vomiting! And then the excruciating pain hit and we rushed off to the emergency room. I was given an IV to rehydrate me and to stop the throwing up, but my labs came back normal and it was decided that my pain was coming from having pulled the ligaments in my back and abdomen from all the convulsing. Being pregnant, I was offered nothing more than Tylenol and left in just about as much pain as I arrived in. We walked into a beautiful, clean apartment though! The friend we had called to sit all night with our little girl had acted like an angel and cleaned our living room, our kitchen, our dishes, and even our bathroom. What a saint she is! (This is after she has already babysat countless times and brought us dinner on several occasions over the past weeks. I've never met anyone so kind.)
This is what pregnant looks like.
And then there is dear husband who has to be gone between school and work 60 hours a week and still attempt to take care of us, cook and clean... Needless to say he's missed some classes (but is still maintaining all A's) and some work shifts too. I know he is feeling like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and in reality he is carrying all the weight of our world all on his own. Things have to change, so he's going to be taking a good amount of time off of work. Maybe now he'll actually have time to get some sleep.

Wish us luck! Things have to improve, right?


  1. Take care and I hope things start to improve soon!!!

  2. Oh wow Jess! Im praying things get better for you.... wish we were there to help out becuase thats rough when baby AND mom are sick. Not to mention being preggers. Im sorry love!

  3. Oh gezz Jess, I had to clue!! So sorry! Sending WELL wishes your day <3

  4. I know I'm about a month behind, but I just read this. I so hope you're feeling better! Seeing your little one sick and miserable is the WORST, and then add morning sickness on top, I can't imagine! I was hospitalized several times during my pregnancy due to not being able to keep anything down, and I'm so worried about dealing with the same symptoms again while also having to chase after a toddler! (no baby for me, yet, but...)

    Praying you're hitting that second trimester glow soon!

    ♥ Bethany