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Monday, June 4, 2012

Yellowstone Part Two

To see part one of our Yellowstone adventure, please click here. Remember that clicking on the pictures allows you to view them larger.
We kicked off a beautiful Monday morning by cruising down the road with a family of buffalo.
And then we made it in time to see Old Faithful erupt without having to wait the average 72 minutes for the next time.
Then, we did some learning... Did you know that the pools of Yellowstone vary in acidity even reaching an equivalent to that of battery acid?!
One time we turned around and discovered that our little one was tired and decided she wasn't going to walk anymore.
Next up was a visit to the incredible Yellowstone Lake. These pictures can't even do it justice, it was that lovely.
It made for a good place to stop and throw rocks. I have a general dislike for lakes, but this one was crystal clear and revealed a smooth rock bottom.
Oh! I forgot to mention that we turned little ones car seat around so she could face forward. We figured it'd be more fun for everyone and easier to keep her entertained during all the driving this way. Unfortunately, the adjustment combined with windy mountain roads made for one car sick baby. Here she is trying so very hard to keep her eyes open when nap time rolled around.
Our last adventure included the Virginia Cascades and a lot more wildlife on our way out.

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