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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One of those days

I woke up sick, and startled actually because somehow in the dark my sleepy mind thought my jewelery box was a bear in our bedroom. So it was with a pounding heart and a churning stomach that I made my way to the kitchen to start my day off with a zofran and a grunt directed towards my always- too- cheerful- for- 5:30AM- husband. Later, our daughter threw a fit; just sobbed and sobbed when her dad went off to school and she realized she had to stay inside with a grumpy mama. This was going to be one long morning! But, the best way to combat a slow moving clock is to be productive. But wait, productive with a toddler around? Is there a way?

I emptied the dish washer and readied last nights dishes for the loading, and when I turned around I saw that my toddler had emptied not one, but two toy bins in our living room. Toys everywhere! Not that she wanted to play with them of course, it's just the thing to do ya know? Make messes while mom is cleaning. She was sitting on top of the couch, stripped down to her diaper having just learned how to take her own clothes off, and munching on some mystery snack she found within the couch cushions. Eek! I rushed it away and headed back to the kitchen to find her a mom approved snack, but when I turned around she had taken off. She had noticed the bathroom door, which I had forgotten to close and was crouched in front of the bathroom cabinet quickly emptying its contents. ARG!!! I pulled her out and closed the door, cutting her off from the piles of hairbands and soaps she'd discovered and she... was... MAD. Understatement. Oh, she was furious. She just stood there red faced alternating between yelling no and screaming as high pitched as possible.

No, she didn't want the snack I offered her. No, I could not interest her in a book. And, she only yelled louder to drown me out when I began singing all her favorite songs. So, I plopped down on the floor and told her, "Look, I don't like being a mom right now any more than you like being a baby! But, we're stuck here so what are we gonna do about it?" And would you know, she ran to our front door and struggled to pull on her striped coat while tugging at the door knob.

Good call little one. So, this tired, cranky, nauseous mom threw on a ball cap hoping we wouldn't run into anyone I knew and, after re dressing my child, we headed out the door. We walked and walked, arriving at the bank at 5 minutes ta 9:00. Perfect, I could convert our piggy bank of loose change into laundry quarters! Oh, our bank doesn't open until 9:30? Of course not. We found a bench to wait on and ate bananas while little one clicked and un-clicked the stroller straps. At 9:30 we learned that our bank doesn't have a coin counter. Seriously. This isn't a big deal, other places have coin counters, but I really, really just wanted to start crying.  I was actually envious of the fit of rage my little girl chose to display this morning. Darn inhibitions holding me back... and keeping me from being locked up in a looney bin.

I hope our afternoon improves (despite little girl having a doctors appointment and needing to get two shots today, poor thing.) If I end the day as grumpy as I started it... well... I guess I'm just going to blame in on pregnancy hormones and start over tomorrow.

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