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Saturday, June 23, 2012

First camping trip.... almost!

We had an opportunity to go camping with our ward from church at the hot springs! How cool is that?! We decided to buy a tent as an investment for many more camping trips to come, probably even more camping trips this summer! We loaded up the SUV with sunscreen, bug spray, blankets, food, lanterns, band aids... we were bursting at the seams in a most ridiculous way. I'm surprised everything didn't fall out when we finally stopped and opened our doors! We had such an excellent time swimming around in the indoor swimming pool that was cooled down to 95 degrees. No need for sunscreen or goosebumps! Little girl LOVED floating around and even started getting brave enough to dip her face in the water and walk in the water unassisted. Everything was off to an excellent start! Dinner was AMAZING. Prepared for us were 23 racks of BBQ ribs smoked to their delicious maximum in a huge barrel. But, it was HOT and BUGGY and gosh darn it the sun stayed out FOREVER! Our super social little girl was hopped up on sugar (who isn't willing to share a cookie with such a friendly baby?), WAY over stimulated (she stopped to babble with everyone she passed, and climbed up on many an available lap) and was headed for an inevitable breakdown. Now, that breakdown may not happen until ten when it finally became dark enough to sleep, or maybe it'd happen even later when the campfire lost it's splendor, but either way I knew I didn't feel well enough nor did I have the energy to deal with it. And, I doubted the story would have the happy, ok lets all cuddle up in the blankets together and just sleep all night, type of ending... So, we packed up and headed out (and yes, that break down did come in the car. But, it was short lived because she was SO EXHAUSTED!) Little girl had bags under her sleepy eyes! The good news is she went right to bed no problem soon as we got home. So basically, this tent investment of ours... well, it's on hold. I think we'll try camping again in... ten years? Yea, sounds good to me.
Seriously? Too bad our tent didn't fit when we tried to set it up in the living room!

Thanks for all your hard work, sweetie!

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