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Friday, June 22, 2012

Ultrasound Teaser

Ultrasounds are simply amazing. We were able to see our little baby yesterday at my 18 week appointment. I loved watching our baby move around and flex their joints and act so very lively. The ultrasound tech. was not only able to see this tiny person, who currently weighs in at 7 oz, but was able to take measurements, check out the brain, examine the heart that is smaller than my pinky finger nail, and even look close enough to check for a cleft lip. The good news is that all is healthy and well! Such a fantastic miracle; especially considering everything that could go wrong... More good news is that despite the pain I've been having, I'm healthy and well too. More than likely, I have round ligament syndrome which is super common so I really ought-a stop whining! Anyway, the bad news (for you!) is that I'm not going to reveal baby number twos gender just yet. We mailed cute little crafty announcements off for the big gender reveal to close friends and family, and I don't want to spoil the surprise for them by an early announcement on my blog! Come back on Tuesday... In the mean time, you can decide which one of us parents baby number two resembles! ;-)
An incredible 3 D picture of babys legs, crossed at the ankles. So cute!
Another great leg picture!
Profile shot of the head.
And, oh! A little foot. Just darling.


  1. congratulations - baby is super adorable already. I love ultra-sound technology. I wouldn't mind getting a peek every few weeks just because it's so fun and cool. Our baby was curled up facing my spine so we weren't able to get a good view like you got.

  2. I have to admit that the wait was almost worth waiting for!!!!! Really cute idea and I love the fact that you will have a boy and a girl!!!! Now I can shop for blue or pink or yellow or green, whatever, I love this!!!!! Congrats to both of you!!!!!!!!!!