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Monday, June 18, 2012

Blue Linen Bermudas

 So... I'm: Pregnant, Frugal, Tall, Long legged, and I'd really like to wear Bermudas for Summer time... Not happening. The best I could find, at an affordable store, had a ten inch inseam. Bermudas with a ten inch inseam on me are no longer Bermudas, they're awkward length shorts. Not long ago, I'd have given up and worn capris all summer, but now that I'm learning to sew... I thought: I don't have to settle! I shopped the sales at Joanns, including a 99cent pattern purchase, (McCall's 5391) and made myself a new pair of blue linen Bermudas. TOTAL cost 17 dollars. FYI this was cheaper than any maternity Bermudas I found online; even from the virtual sale racks!  The only changes I made to the pattern were to add length to the shorts, and to make an elastic waistband. Because the waistband was going to be elastic, I skipped the zipper and sewed the fly shut, I also skipped the belt loops. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out, next time I'll adjust the fit so they feel a little better but that's to be expected when sewing from a pattern, right? I at least know that these shorts are second trimester friendly!Score.


  1. Agreed! Shorts are an awkward length on me or too short! Awesome job Jess!!! Now...where are my shorts ;-)

  2. You are so talented! I really wish I was good at sewing things for myself, too. It's HARD to find maternity clothes that fit a tall girl!
    I was surprised to read that you're tall, too! I wouldn't have guessed from pictures :) I assumed you were more on the petite side!
    I'm 5'11. Maybe next time I'm pregnant, I can hire you to make my clothes ;-)

    ♥ Bethany


  3. We have so many more options when we sew. Great job on altering the pattern to suit your needs now. They look great!!!

  4. you're looking good..sure you don't want to try a trip out here mid July before we start band camp? we'd take really good care of you!

  5. cute! I've been looking for a good shorts pattern. Thanks for sharing!