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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my own Dad, whom I love dearly. In 2008 I was in Africa, in 2010 I was in California, and here we are three states away for Fathers day 2012. Apparently I can only stand to celebrate the big day with my dad every other year. Sorry pops; at least your card was mailed off in time! But seriously, thanks for being such a great dad and friend.
Here I am carving pumpkins as a kid with my dad and brother.
Dad and I a year ago.
And happy Fathers Day to love of my life, too! One thing that is so awesome about my husband is that loving him is so effortless. We laugh together (all the time- he is so funny!), cook together, clean together, go out together, worship together... he's my best friend, and our daughters best friend too! No one can make our toddler laugh as much as he can! I really appreciate how present he is when he's at home with us. I know being a full time student and maintaining the awesome grades he has cannot be easy, but he never makes his responsibilities into our burdens. Basically, he's just awesome.
Playing in the sink together.
Off to do laundry together; probably one of her favorite things!
Bath time!
We enjoyed soaking up the late afternoon sun yesterday by bringing out the little pool, lots of games of chase, and of course grilling. Summer time is my favorite!

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