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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Universal Studios and Blue Man Group

We were lucky enough to escape some of this frigid winter air as my dad flew our little family out to visit relatives in Florida. The trip was an excellent way to wrap up 2011 and our baby traveled so much better than I expected. She alternated between blissful curiosity on the air plane and sleeping in my arms- an act that I cherished since she is normally not a snugly child.

Baby girl and I recovered after our first long day of travel. We hung out at my Uncle's home and then explored a State Park with my cute cousin. We had hoped to see some alligators, but we didn't end up finding any. The park was beautiful though! The boys headed off to a show. They absolutely LOVED the Blue Man Group, and they had front row, in the center seats! Dad even got splashed with some paint and a mashed banana! They expected the awesome beats and rhythms of the drums and other... creative instruments, like the PVC pipes, but they were surprised by how funny the show was and by how much the performers connected with the audience.

Where are the gators?
The guys all ready for their show!

We really enjoyed Universal Studios; especially since we had the fast passes that allowed us to wait only ten to fifteen minutes to ride the rides instead of the two and a half hours other people were waiting! The marvel comics sections was our favorite! Nothin' like a good roller coaster gone hulk style to get the adrenalin pumping. The spider man ride was all of our favorites though. Such a clever concept! See, we wore 3D eye glasses that made it look like the villans were right in our face! Then, the car we were sitting in would shake when we were 'electrocuted,' blast us with warm air when an explosion went off, and splash us with water when an evil water villain attacked. We even fell from the top of a building only to be rescued and swung to safety in Spider Man's web!

Yo, bro!

We waited all day to enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter and then it ended up being too crowded to do anything other than sight see. Bummer. Will have to go back again some day when it isn't such a new, hot attraction. Did finish up the day with a yummy dinner at the NASCAR Cafe, this made my husband very happy.

Oh yea- we got cheesy henna tattoos too!

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