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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ten months old

This cutie pie was ten months old last week! Her favorite thing is to have people mimic her. She makes silly sounds or faces and gets a kick out of mom and dad copying her. Peek a Boo and I'm Gonna Get You games get good laughs from all of us. She is very observant which is why she flushes the toilet when she wanders into our bathroom and knows how to get in and out of both her coat and her car seat. I sure do appreciate her help in the kitchen as she can peel oranges and load the dishwasher full of toys. Her favorite food by far is cheese; oranges and yogurt come in second and third. We absolutely love her spunky attitude. Despite having her pacifier in her mouth the other day, she was whining and fussing. My husband started whistling loud enough to drown her out and to distract her. Well, she gave him the dirtiest of looks and promptly shoved her pacifier into his mouth in a "be quiet dad" manner! She has taken a few independent steps, but is currently of the opinion that crawling is the best method of movement; it's certainly a fast one! Most days, she will take a bottle which is good because she definitely gets more to eat that way rather than by breast feeding. And, we are finally getting lots of sleep at night. Perhaps this has something to do with the bottle feedings filling her up. Typically she sleeps nine hours before needing to be fed, and then she sleeps three more.

Here is a video of her cracking up over Peek a Boo.


  1. Thats my girl!!!! Giving her folks a run for the money!!!!! She is so onery and precious!!!!

  2. Hi Jessica, I wanted to let you know that I have passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you. You can read about it here...


    Your cutie pie is adorable!!!