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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Q and A about the pleated wrap skirt

I got asked a question today about the pleated wrap skirt tutorial that I have posted. (Go ahead and click here to see what skirt I am talking about.) Someone was wondering how exactly it ties and whether or not there was a button hole to thread one of the ties through. That was a great question; it is actually one that I had when I first started to make the skirt. Alas, I did not use a button hole and I promise it all ties up very nicely. The ties just cross one over the other. I took some pictures just now to try and show this.
Notice on the left of the picture how the ties over lap?
Just keep the band flat against your waist as you wrap it around you, this way it won't get bulky when it crosses over.
This shows the waist band overlapping itself. If I had finished the bow, the cross over would have been hidden.

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