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Sunday, January 8, 2012

More fun in Florida

Our Florida family thought it was too cold for the ocean, but us tourists thought it was super warm out! Besides, we weren't going to fly all that way and not walk on the sand. They took us to the gulf for fun on white sand beaches and calm ocean water. I was relieved that baby girl didn't try eating the sand, even if she did give that salt water a good lick once. Gag. There was also a beautiful area for canoeing. A couple of my cousins made it look SO easy! Us tourists had a rough time! After getting turned around, my husband and brother did finally make it.

The ultimate beach food, even little girl knows what's good!

Sand castles... fail.

We had such a great time on our trip and we are extremely grateful to my Aunt and Uncles and my cousins for sharing their home with us.

Had to get a picture of the brothers with the awesome lion.

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