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Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Rock Springs WY is pretty much the half way point between us and my dad; instead of one of us having to make such a long trip we all met there this weekend. We left Friday night following my husbands shift at work. This worked out really well because our babe slept the whole way there! Even I nodded off from time to time; unable to monitor the speedometer or offer up other annoying coachings as a passenger seat driver with my eyes closed, we arrived at the hotel in really good time. We spent a lazy Saturday swimming, playing games, catching up, and adoring our little girl. It was SO GOOD to see my dad, and also pretty darn good to get away from normalcy too.We can't believe how lucky we were to have blue skies being as it was the end of October.
Just veggin'

Love this cute swim suit!

Uh oh- double trouble!

Someone found a friend!

Such a sweet face!

She's just checking to make sure grandpa keeps his eyes open in this picture!

Showing off her mad walking skills

Ah hah! So grandpa taught her to do this

Or... maybe she got it from her daddy

Her shirt says: Grandpa Rocks He sure does!

Beautiful landscapes over the Teton Pass

She is oh so silly

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