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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kenya Run a 5k?!

Pinnacle Security put on a 5k run to secure hope. Proceeds were donated to help build a hospital in Kenya thus the clever signs around town reading: Kenya Run a 5k? Well, I thought, sure I can! And, since I have been to Kenya before and can totally vouch for their need of hospitals, I signed up. The course was awesome: way on the edge of town so we ran with houses on our right, and farm land on our left up, up, up towards the temple and then down to that finish line. I wasn't prepared for those hills so I missed my goal time by 21 seconds, but I am still proud of myself because I didn't walk any of it, and I had a good kick there at the end. Races are so much more fun than the training! The music and the atmosphere along with a goodie bag complete with a towel, t-shirt, coupons and yes, even a man's neck tie make it fun, but the best part of all was that my husband had the day off of work! This was the first Saturday he hasn't had to work, without even requesting it off, in ages! He and our little girl were there to cheer me on, and then we spent the day lounging around the house just enjoying the fact that we weren't obligated to be anywhere at all.