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Thursday, October 6, 2011

1st haircut!

October is off to an exciting start! Our babe had her very first unofficial haircut the other morning! Her hair had been driving me crazy! Way too long on the top, and always out of control. See what I mean?
I love how she is pointing, almost as if to say: This had better not end up on your blog, Mom!
So, I took the scissors to her while she was nursing. It isn't perfect, but I'm no beautician. At least now it isn't in her eyes, or sticking up like she's been electrocuted, and the rest of her hair can maybe get caught up  too. I love her little blonde waves. I think she is looking more and more like me every day.

We finally pulled out the high chair too. Luckily it came with a finger painting tray! Too bad I didn't snap a picture of her strawberries and bananas masterpiece.

October is also exciting because not even a full week in, we are already getting snow. Big, plump snow flakes are piling up on the grass, the trees, and apparently our roof since television stopped responding- gotta love dish. Took our daughter outside just real quick before it really started coming down, just to show her what snow looks like- and feels like! Ok, so I stayed inside where it was warm... but I did snap a picture!

In order to keep her entertained, we rotate playing in different rooms between naps. Here she is in her cute little nursery.


  1. What a go getter!!!! Keep the pics coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I loved that girls crazy hair..oh well, everyone eventually needs a haircut!