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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple Maddness

Never before have I been so in love (obsessed?) with apples! The apple orchard at BYU-I is brimming with apples ready to be picked and I hope to return today for my third round! And hey, at 50 cents a pound can you blame me? There are so many things one can make with this fruit and I cannot wait to try a few new recipes. I'll be sure to share any successes here. In the mean time, enjoy some pictures of our little girl sharing in our apple adventures! I'll tell ya what- she is just the apple of my eye! (Clever, eh?)
Setting her in the basket frees both hands

Such a good little helper!


  1. How did I live there for three years and had no idea you could pick apples at the orchard??? I feel cheated. Haha. I have an AMAZING recipe for homemade apple pie if you are interested.

  2. You poor dear! I'd love your recipe; thank you!