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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween continued...

The Halloween festivities continued today! We went trick or treating with good friends at the library...

 Awe. The Garden Gnome and The Baker. 
This is NOT dad's favorite picture:

Then, we went trick or treating up and down a street we have in town lined with medical and law offices. This is where it was at! These doctors, dentists, optometrists... were so generous with their handfuls of chocolate bars! We also got tooth brushes and eye classes cleaner. Cool, huh? Despite how heavy her little candy bucket got, our little girl had a firm grip on that handle; almost as if she didn't trust us not to sneak a piece or two! After dinner, we headed back out to the church to do a bit more trick or treating there! My goodness! What a busy, full day it was! Holidays like Halloween are so much more enjoyable when seen through a childs eyes. How blessed we are to live in such a great community.


  1. I sugared the kids up at the studio and then sent them home!

  2. Our halloween is 4 months away!!!!!!!!!!!!You look like you had a great time! And dad's favorite photo! He should keep it in his wallet!