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Monday, October 1, 2012

Joyful finds: What the toddler loves to watch!

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Beginning the Week with a Little Happiness
Have a fun week everyone!
Today, you'll find me over at minimoz blog sharing how I made handsome applique onesies for my baby boy! I've been so excited to share these!


  1. LOVE the onesies!! So cute ;)


  2. there's a great formal wear for a gentleman! i love the vest!

  3. I love the onesies! I will have to pin that for the future;)

  4. Those suspenders are breaking my heart with cuteness. I LOVE them all! Great job! I have a son and another on the way (like...any day no) so cute boy clothes are definitely my cup of tea.


  5. Cute, cute blog name. I had onesies like these for each of my bloys. I am your newest follower over from the blog hop.

    Amanda @ www.mommyiscoocoo.com

  6. Great job Jessica! LOVE LOVE LOVE the onsies! Gonna check out how you made them so I can once again, copy your brilliance!