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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chalk Board Kitchen Art


Growing up, my mom made delicious home made breads. Nothing quite like walking into a home filled with the aroma of fresh baked bread now is there? She always cut the loaves on her wooden bread board, the same bread board that I happen to have in my possession now, but that never gets used for serving amazing bread any more. So, what to do with it? I turned it into some functional kitchen wall art!

I turned it over and went to work on the back of the bread board. All it took was a little bit of sanding, masking, and chalk- board- paint painting. I used letter stickers for What's For Dinner and dear husband screwed in the little hooks for me. I can use them to hang the chalk along with recipes and meal plans.


  1. Very creative, Jessica! Looks great!!!

  2. Very creative! What a great way to use a piece of family history in your home!

  3. I need this in my new house. :)

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