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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sprucing up the place

In the 3+ years we have been married we have moved seven times! That's ok; each place we lived in was right for that time, but it sure makes for a lot of temporary homes! I've had a really hard time wanting to put any effort into this apartment because we'll be leaving it too, eventually. It really is a shame because we do love this apartment, I'm just... burnt out, ya know? I have discovered though that a house, or apartment, or even just a room doesn't feel comfortable without personal touches. Bare walls and empty shelves make for cold, uninviting spaces. So, I spent some time this morning sprucing up a bit. It wasn't time consuming, it didn't cost me any money, and yet I smile when I walk in the room now.
I started in our entry way and finally hung something on the wall. Straightening up wasn't enough, so I put our "therapy beans" in a glass vase with flowers and made a magazine holder out of an empty cereal box, some modge podge, and fabric. "Therapy beans" are what I have lovingly nicknamed the kidney beans that I pull out when my daughter is throwing a tantrum. I sit down in a different part of the room and start playing with the beans. Distracts me enough to keep me calm while she is screaming, and soon she comes over and starts playing too. As it turns out, beans are much more fun than crying and carrying on by oneself! The vase will be easy to dump out and refill and looks prettier than the tupperware I had been storing them in on the kitchen counter.
Then, I worked in our little dining area by adding something nice to the table. All I did was tie some ribbon around three vases I found in the cupboard and filled them with napkins, silverware, and fresh green onions- respectively. Anyone else regrow their green onions? Man- they last forever when cut down and stored in water!


  1. I thought are nomadic lifestyle was bad ... 9 years marriage in Jan and we've moved 8 times between 4 states. This is the longest we've stayed in one place. Makes me want to spruce up our place ... or just clean

  2. Lovely. I especially like the yellow pitcher and the therapy bean vase. What a great idea for distracting self and child when emotions are high.

  3. Very nice and clever!!! I think you are going to have to get another chair eventually!!

  4. It turned out lovely! Btw, thanks for joining Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)