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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Color Block Maternity Dress...

... Fail? 
Is this dress suitable to wear out in public? I certainly made mistakes during its creation... But, I really want to love it as it is the first piece of color blocked clothing I own. At least it didn't cost me anything. See, I've mentioned before the treasure my grandma gave me by way of fabric scraps and McCalls 6102... I found a little bit of blue and a little bit more of green in the bin and turned 'em into this!
So, what went wrong? I cut the dress front wider to make room for my belly and gathered the neckline. So far so good... but- my first time sewing the pieces together put my envisioned "empire waist" seam somewhere down around my middle in a very unflattering way. When I tried to fix this, I got scissor happy and brought the "empire waist" up mid chest. This meant that my dress brought the attention to my nipple line in a very awkward way. Luckily, I had enough blue left over to lengthen the bodice and make that weird seam slightly less noticeable. It was from sewing this addition onto the dress that I succeeded in sewing the dress shut; yep just sewing that dress front right to the back. Made me think of this picture that I found on pinterest:
Anyway, the belt really helps give this dress some shape and hide some flaws. The dress is also really comfortable... But, is it just awful?


  1. No, it's not awful. The black belt breaks up the colours and the seam across the bust is barely noticeable...

  2. Now, that is one stunning creation! You really look good in it too!