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Monday, July 30, 2012

Round Ligament Syndrome Anyone?

Getting personal and honest today. Life isn't always dresses and smiles...

Doc says I have round ligament syndrome and that I am not to worry because it is SO common. However, I am yet to talk to anyone else who has had it during their pregnancies or who currently does have it while pregnant. Anyone out there? I hurt every second of every day, but the pain escalates every time my baby moves around inside me- bringing me to tears and taking my breath away. I'm getting really down about the whole situation. With my first pregnancy, my babys movements inside me were a chance for me to bond with my little daughter and acknowledge the beautiful life I was creating. This time though, I dread those movements and count the seconds until they're over. It's horribly sad. I feel such a disconnect to this baby and like I am already failing my son as a mother because these kicks- this proof of life- hurt too much to bring me any joy.

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  1. I had this with my son (16 months today). Excruciating. I was working and would suddenly be unable to talk. My coworkers were all grandmothers, with lots of sympathy, so that was nice. He is my only child, so I don't know pregnancy without them. It did cause a bit of a disconnect for me too, but we made up for it once he got out. You know he is worth it, and you can tees him for eternity :)