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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feverish cuddle day

Of course I feel badly for my child when she isn't feeling very well... But, I loved our slow, quiet, sleepy day today! We cuddled and rocked and slept and rocked and watched some Cary Grant... and rocked. She's eating and drinking water; even smiles when I behave silly so I don't think she's very sick at all. She just seems exhausted and has had a fever on and off all day today. Her daddy suggests that it's the calm before the storm and we should brace ourselves for some serious tooth growin'. I don't want to think about that right now! Teething makes her so cantankerous! I'm just going to keep on enjoying these snuggles and naps in our glider chair while I can. She normally doesn't hold still for very long; this was just such a rare and precious occasion that we had to get pictures of the cuddling going on around here.
P.S. Day two of 102- 103 degree temperatures warranted a trip to the doctors office. Little girl has roseola.

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  1. we all got that while we were camping one year..and who got it the worst..me! take care little lady.