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Friday, March 2, 2012

My flowery day

I thought I was done blogging about our birthdays, but I'd feel truly ungrateful if I didn't make this additional post. I was expecting an ordinary day since we already had a party, but good things just kept on coming! I got a phone call from my bestie in Colorado despite how incredibly busy she is. Her toddler wished me a happy birthday; how cute is that? Then, I got these beautiful flowers from one of my favorite people in the whole world. She's my idol; I admire her for all the places she's been and all the lives she has bettered and I felt so special knowing she was thinking of me!
My husband took the afternoon off from school so he could take us out to lunch for more of those delicious gluten free burgers at Red Robin. Remember how I thought it was so funny when they tied balloons around his ears and sang to him on his birthday? Pay backs...
Since we were already in town, we stocked up on groceries. I know I could have skipped that little detail in the birthday post, but I truly enjoyed the experience because I saved $17 dollars with coupons and I also bought a lot of meat that was really discounted as it was approaching its expiration date... Good meat from grass fed animals that haven't been injected with hormones and without added preservatives. Hey- it'll keep in the freezer! Saving money makes me giddy. Anyway, when we got home our neighbors came over to hold our little one while we put groceries away. They even brought me a present! Three cookie sheets! I was just telling her that I was kicking myself for not having taken my dads when we moved here because I don't have any and I'm sure his aren't getting any use! Well, now I have three! *Happy dance* They also delivered flowers that had been dropped off while we were away. Beautiful yellow and white flowers from "my favorite cousin." Ah, I love her!
 Isn't the vase fantastic?
In addition to all this goodness, I received so many calls, texts, and facebook well wishes. Thanks everyone for being so good to me!

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