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Monday, March 19, 2012


My daughter and I drove back to CO with my mother in law for a whirlwind of a trip before flying home only a couple days later! The trip was way too fast but, it was lovely seeing so many people and much to my relief our flight home was booked rather sparse. The passengers on the little plane (when I say little plane, I mean that I think it held 25 people) had to be rearranged to balance out the weight and this allowed for my little girl to have her very own seat!
Hiding Grandpas phone under his shirt.

First time at a park!

So far not impressed by the slide or the swings

We sure loved the warm weather!
She hated the grass!

Hello, my cute toddler!

Her uncle helping her get ready to go to sleep.

Awwww, such love!

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