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Monday, March 26, 2012

Discouraging beaver behavior

Our daughter gnaws on the crib railing and I'm afraid this project is too little; too late since most of the paint, and even some of the wood, has been chewed away. 
I realize there are probably fancier ways to do this out there, but I went for quick and easy. First I took an old crib sheet and sewed a long hallow tube. I stuffed it full of batting and sewed up the edges. Then, I glued it right there on top of the crib rail. Yep. Just glued it. Damage was already done so why not? Next, I hemmed a long rectangle and draped it over the top of that fluffy tube. I sewed buttons to hold it in place and voila! At least our little girl won't be eating any more paint, or wood... from the front railing. I wonder if she'll find a new rail to chew, or if she'll end up with a mouth full of stuffing...

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  1. Hi Jessica, You do have GFC... it's right down at the very bottom of your blog. Who knows what will happen with GFC in the future, but it's still here for us now.

    Hope your deterrent above works.