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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthdays and Game Shows

My husbands birthday is the day after Valentines Day so we choose to skip the love holiday and just celebrate his day. I joke that he really lucked out, but the truth is: I'm happy to skip the sappy day. Just one more thing to plan for and buy for in the midst of all three of our birthdays that come around, beginning with his, within four weeks of each other. Our wonderful neighbors came over to play with our daughter so that we could have a date night. We left our small town for the larger small town up the highway and hit the fantastic sales at Old Navy before feasting on red robin burgers now complete with a gluten free bun! Heck yes! The staff brought over balloons that he had to tie around his ears while they sang to him.

I threw myself a little game show party that was a hoot! Five of us couples, ranging from 11 months married to 3 1/2 years, played the Newly Wed game. Not sure what that is? Basically we separate the girls from the guys and answer questions, and then bring every one back together and see if the couples answered the same. It worked out perfect because our neighbors let us use their apartment too; no cheating and listening in on answers from across the way! Watch this clip here from the original tv show to see how the game works. And, heck, just because this one is so funny you may as well watch this one here. I'm still smiling from the silly blondes responses. Anyway, my husband and I took turns playing game show host. Me for the girls, and him for the guys.
Here's the group!  Our silly daughter decided on new parents for the night.
Our questions started out tame... how the heck did one of the couples know he would be a flying unicorn if he could be any animal? My husband and I both answered that he would be able to get more phone numbers than I could if we were to take to a competition on a night out. Awesome that we got a point for answering the same... but, hey- come on now! Kudos to everyone for getting the location of their first kiss right, and answering no, of course the wives didn't turn into bridezillas while planning the wedding; even if some girls gave their men rather low ratings for helpfulness in planning the big day! 

I think the real fun began when we answered questions like where our most unusual place we've made love was, how we know the other one is in the mood, and which movie title would we use to describe our romantic encounters: A. Finding nemo, B. Gone in 60 seconds, C. Super man? Oh the laughs and embarrassed giggles!

Finished the night out with a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and vanilla pudding whipped cream frosting and everyone singing happy birthday to me. It really was a fun night. Maybe we'll have to get together, with new questions, and play again sometime soon!

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