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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Easy sticky paint recipe!

I just learned about sticky paint! It is so much fun! Wipes clean and isn't toxic... because... all it is is a can of sweet and condensed milk colored with food coloring! I divided the can of condensed milk into six using a large muffin tin, but next time I'll use paper cups or bowls to make clean up quicker. Three drops of food coloring into each round and we had a paint tray just waiting for an eager toddler! This paint is awesome because it's thick and fun to goop on the paper. And, unlike water colors it won't run everywhere or turn to a murky brown when my kid mixes it together on her paper. In fact, it kind of has a marbling effect! I gotta remember to pick up some paint brushes next time I'm at the store! We improvised with q-tips and two sponge brushes today though and they worked well.

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