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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bringing our Children unto Christ, week 3

30 Weeks to bringing our children unto Christ using the nursery manual found on lds.org.
Each morning, we begin our day with breakfast at the dining room table. 
Before we start our hectic day, we take some time to be still...
We pray together and we learn of Him.
In just a few moments a day, we plan to complete one lesson each week. 

Lesson three is:
I can Pray to Heavenly Father

How we learned this concept this week:
We continued in prayer this week as we normally do; praying before meals and bedtime. Sometimes, our daughter would volunteer to say the prayer so we'd lend her the words to help her do so. Other times, she'd choose which one of us parents should say it. And, sometimes she'd start shrieking mid prayer, "No prayer! Mom! Dad! All done! No more prayer!!" It was all we could do to suppress our laughter while we finished talking to God.

The nursery manuel had a great idea for a prayer visual. I liked it because we worked on recognizing numbers and learning their sequence all the while learning the parts of prayer.


I simply folded a piece of paper and cut slits in the top layer to create tabs which I then numbered 1 through 4. Underneath the tabs, I taped on simple images to represent different parts of prayer.

1. Address Heavenly Father and talk to him. We can talk to God at any time and about anything! This might even be a good time to confess sins and seek his forgiveness.

2. Thank God for our blessings. We brainstormed things to be grateful for and that we may want to include in our prayers: our food, toys, books, baby brother, daddy's job...

3. Pray for ourselves and for others. What are things that we need help with? Listening, sharing, being kind... What are things we know others need help with? Safety while away from home, patience, health...

4. End our prayer in the name of His son, Jesus Christ, Amen! 

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