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Friday, March 15, 2013

My girl is TWO!

Time flies, but yes- I can believe my little girl is two. She's just too darn grown up to be one! I mean this girl made her own lunch today for Pete's sake!  (With supervision, of course.) She cooked up her own pasta. 
And, she's potty trained. We started that last weekend; day two had one accident, day three had none and now she's good to go! I tested her on her letters this morning and she knows 23 of them, forgetting V and confusing E and F. She can even write a few letters like I, O and X, and point out the words Mama, Daddy and her own name too. She knows countless ASL signs and is understanding more and more Spanish. And, finally, FINALLY she is grasping the color concept. More often than not she can recognize yellow, blue, green, and red. What a relief! That was a toughy. Oh, and she counts to ten. We're so proud of her!

Little girl is a hoot. She says some pretty funny things, like:
"I want a geek!" Meaning, of course, that she'd like a drink. Yesterday, I started a conversation with her about what we'd find at the park. We agreed there would be rocks, water and ducks. When I asked her what else we could find at the park, she responded with, "Um... a purse!"
   "A purse?!" I asked.
   "Ya! Um... yellow!"
   "Wow! A yellow purse at the park?"
   "2, 3." She decided seriously. So we were on the look out, but darn it we didn't find two or three yellow purses at the park that day. She's become quite the critical back seat driver already. If I stop too suddenly, or turn too sharply for her liking, she flings out her arms to the sides and shouts, "Whoa! Baby, ok?" And she glances worriedly over at her brother in his car seat.

She sings; her favorite songs are the Wheels on the Bus and the Alphabet song which goes like this, "A, B, C, D, Q, R, S. Now I know my ABC- sing... me...A, B, C..." We rarely leave the house without her purse, a toy car, her baby, and- when she can convince us- her baby doll's stroller.

Our daughter is a very motivated, independent, social little girl who cannot be forced into anything. She can, however, be persuaded and candy is always a good bribe.

Oh, and despite my hoping for a princess party, our little girl chose a Cars/ Lightening McQueen themed birthday party. We had our awesome neighbors over to help us celebrate; just decorated cupcakes and socialized while the Cars movie played. Little girl just idolizes their son, and he is so sweet to her. The other day he was singing to her!



  1. WOW.......wish I lived closer!

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Priss! Sounds like she had a great day. And no worries on those colors. C still gets blue and yellow mixed up! And she also confuses E and F. And calls D, B. Haha. I love her Woa, Baby ok? Haha hilarious!