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Friday, March 8, 2013

A Colorado Adventure

The kids and I headed out to Colorado; Hubby stayed behind to focus on his semester midterms. I was so impressed with how well my children did on the air plane! SJ slept for the majority of the flight, and little girl acted like a little adult sitting in her own seat, sipping apple juice and studying the flight emergency preparedness pamphlet. The journey home was more stressful only because we were flying out of a much larger airport. Thankfully, God sent us help. I recently shared the following experience:

I attempted to fly home today with a bag on my back, a baby in my arms, and a toddler tugging on my shirt. So grateful to the beautiful lady in front of us in security who helped us get thru, even removing my shoes for me! She then took my daughters hand, smiled at me and said "ya know what? I'll get you to your gate." she helped us up escalators, on the train, and down moving sidewalks. She stopped to point out airplanes through the window, and make beep beep noises with L when they spotted a car. It was when we approached my gate, the furthest possible one, that I asked her what she does. She's a lawyer who represents abused and neglected children in court. No surprise. Ladies and gentlemen, I have met a real life angel. So humbled by, and grateful for, the incredible kindness of a stranger today.

Colorado, with all it's family visits and fun plans, was a stark contrast to the home- all- day lifestyle that typically occupies our schedule. It was exhausting! But, so much fun. Thanks to everyone who took the time to see us, opened up their homes to us, entertained my children, fed us, lent us cars and car seats, drove us around, supplied the diapers and celebrated my birthday with me. 

And now, for a bunch of pictures:

The Aquarium was great! They even had mermaids! Um... dream job! 
We went through with a cousin and grandmas. Fun day!
Picture courtesy of Downtown Aquarium Denver

Little girls face!!! ha ha.

 Brave enough to feed the sting rays!

 "Gummy" (as my daughter calls her)'s house was pretty much our home base during the trip.
Kids loved it there! We were all spoiled rotten.

With extra help, I actually had time to do my hair once! *Happy dance*

Below, my daughter smiles at my moms dad. Great picture, huh?

 Happy Birthday "aunt cookie!"
 Thanks for having us over Nana!
 Isn't this a great shot of all of us "kids" all grown up! I need to find another group shot with all of us in it from like ten years ago. That'd be a hoot!
 Coloring with another aunt...
 Below is a picture of my kids with their two great grandmothers on my side. 
What an awesome photograph to have!

 Four Generations
 Just chillin' with Grandpa and Nona!

 Kids taking turns wrestling with Grandpa.
 Loved getting to know my two awesome siblings!

 When this baby isn't eating, he's sleeping or smiling.
 Wish we'd have had more time with Hubby's ma. Unfortunately, a snow storm prevented another trip.
 Cute cousins!
 Red Robin... Yum! With my brother and his beautiful girl friend!
 Group shot!


  1. What a fun time!!! It was great!! Very entertaining!! Tough to let them leave but planes go in all directions