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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Our Easter couldn't have been better this year! 
I know that our Redeemer lives.
The festivities started out Saturday morning when we took our kids 
and the neighbor kids to the park for an Easter Egg hunt. 

We had two oblivious (though super cute) babies, 
 one really excited toddler, 
and one very concerned little girl.
The park was way too crowded. 
He was quick enough to snag one egg; she didn't get any!
Seriously. You wanted me to get excited over that?!
They still had a good time at the park. 
I'm pretty sure this girl would follow that boy anywhere.
 Best friends.
We went home to have our own Easter Egg hunt for them, 
this time with guaranteed finds!
Pep talks from the dads

He was quick!

She enlisted a basket holder
 Sunday morning was a perfect Easter morning. Such beautiful sunshine and warmth outside! It was a wonderful, quiet little family day. At church, the choir moved me to tears and after naps we headed back outside for another Easter egg hunt and a picnic of jelly beans.
Happy 1st Easter little dude!
Thanks to her aunt, little girl had the perfect spring dress to wear today!
 Smooches for daddy, and making sure mom saw how silly that was!
Ah goodness, too many cute pictures to choose from! 

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  1. Next best thing to being there.......thanks for sharing!