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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Someone looks a little excited over those presents!
Basically, our wonderful holiday looked like this:
 Grandparents snuggling grandkids...
 ... uncles too!
 Toddler friendly felt Christmas trees...
 ... And Disney princess gifts!
 ... The Christmas quilt I made for their first Christmas together...
 Silly mamas...
 ... and smiling baby boys!
 ... I was always just a little too slow with that camera but man, was he cute!
... Excitement in helping SJ enjoy his first Christmas gifts...
 ... While I enjoyed my own!
 Helping her when things were "stuck"...
 ... And SJ watching from his new bouncy chair.
 Then, the day looked like:
A trip to the bowling alley...
 ... where grandpa showed us how it was done!
And Uncle kept the kiddos occupied...
 ... What was up with all those gutter balls, sweetie?
Little girl LOVED this! She was full of "wow!"s and claps and high fives!
 But darn it- Nona broke a nail! Ouch.
 Everyone was willing to help!
Thank you all so much for coming to visit!
 We had a wonderful Christmas. 
Thank you all who sent cards, gifts and love our way.
 Now on to the new year! 
We plan to kick it off with lots of giggles and fun. 
It'll look something like this:


  1. Darling. hey I have two daughters is that brother married? Such a Jewish(mormon mother)

    1. Thanks! Ha ha. Nope, he's not married! I'll tell him you asked... :)