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Saturday, December 15, 2012

1 month and 21 months old already!

Our sweet little guy, SJ, went from being a sleepy little newborn...

... to a sleepy little two week old...
 ... to a sleepy little one month old!
Of course, he isn't always sleeping... 
 ... Nor is he always so quiet and peaceful.
He's starting to look around more and hold his head up on his own. He coos his sweet baby sound on occasion, and lets out an agitated squawk after he sneezes that makes us all laugh. He loves to cuddle and always protests being set down. This little man melts my heart!

And what is big sister, L, up to these days? 
Oh, just being silly and clever and bossy and sweet all at the same time.
She loves her play kitchen... 
And, she loves to play cars...
...She helps with dishes.
And she loves to hold her little brother...

...She even wants him to walk already! 

She's become an expert baby binki thief, 
but she makes up for it by giving SJ lots of kisses and combing his short hair.

* The incredibly sweet newborn pictures were taken by my very good friend; I really appreciate her talent not only in photography/ photo shop but in her patient, calm way of working with a new baby.

This same friend also made the tiger hat. Isn't she the coolest? 
And, another awesome friend crocheted the beautiful grey blanket he's wrapped up in. 
I love it!


  1. So sweet! My youngest is almost 3 weeks old and is starting to stay awake and let us know she's here. My oldest is 2 weeks away from 4 and is doing a lot of of what your oldest is doing.

    Found you on Mommy Moments

  2. Awwww.. . . sweet sweet SWEET! I am always amazed at how beautiful children are. God is a master designer. Visiting from Be Not Weary today, and glad I did :)

  3. Your kids are adorable! Visiting from Mommy Moments.

  4. Awww such sweet beautiful pictures. Almost makes me want another squishy newborn.


  5. These baby pictures are beautiful!! What a sweet little boy! Thanks for linking up with us for Mommy Moments Monday!

  6. They are just too cute¡¡

  7. Seriously your kids are beautiful! SJ is so tiny compared to my tank...miss that newborn stage! Wish we lived close so our kids could play... I know L and Charly would have a grand old time together!