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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome home, sweetie!

What I should do, is modestly and casually, mention an opportunity that my dear husband (DH) had to attend an event these past three days. What I should do, is humbly express my gratitude for DH having secured himself a job even before he graduates, and note that we are so very blessed to have received this good fortune. I suppose that what I shouldn't do is announce that it is I, in fact, who has the smartest, bestest, hardest working, most determined husband in the world. I probably shouldn't brag about how well his interviews went, how quickly this company snatched him up, and how awesome of a trip, paid for by this company, he just went on was. I shouldn't go on and on and on about how excited we are for our future and how much this new company is spoiling us! So... I shall try to resist.

Bottom line is that DH was gone for three whole days. He left his tired, extremely pregnant wife home alone with his energetic, extremely hyper toddler- and we survived!!! (He wouldn't have gone on the trip, had I not urged him to do so. He would never abandon me in a time of need! But, this was too good of an opportunity for me to let him pass up!) So the laundry didn't get done, our neighbors took pity on us and fed us dinner two nights, and each afternoon I was still in my pajamas... I didn't say we thrived, but- we survived! Whoo- hoo! His absence was not easy on us! DH is extremely present around here; he is definitely our main source of entertainment! Consequently, it was a little stressful with him away; this of course means that our little girl hardly ate anything, and I ate everything in sight! But, we did well on our own. We colored lots, and had imaginary tea parties and picnics with lots of giggles, we went for walks around the apartment complex and little one even got to sleep in my bed one night. (That last bit always sounds better than it actually turns out; we're both blanket hogs and more than once I've woken up with her diapered bum in my face!) Our last fun activity took place yesterday afternoon when we prepared for DH's return by decorating cupcakes to help us welcome him home!
So, welcome home sweetie!!!! We sure missed you a lot!!!
 We love you and are so happy you're home safe!


  1. I'm glad he's home for you guys! My husband has a 3-day business trip next week too, and I'm already dreading it :(

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I am actually already a follower. I love this though. I miss my hubby terribly when he is just at work so I can understand that distance is hard. When he first started his job he was gone for two weeks for training. I had to stay with his parents because I was scared at our new house. Your reunion is precious. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love it when my husband is gone. What is wrong with me. I always have. I can eat fruit loops for dinner.

  4. SO CUTE!!! What a great post:) I always have mixed feelings when my husband has to go away - i hate him to be gone, i literally do not sleep - just patrol the house with a rolling pin, keys to the gun cabinet, and my phone - but i get SO much cleaning done. It's weird. Glad he's home to you now:)