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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Who are Buzz Lightyear and Woody?

        We have watched Toy Story probably a zillion times in our home. We even have a Toy Story book to read before bed. Rather than reading the story last night, I used it to spark conversation with my sweet two year old. We discussed how the piggy bank held money and how Rex the dinosaur roars. Then, pointing to Buzz, I asked her, "Who is this?"
        "Bless you!" She answered confidently. Apparently, I need to annunciate better if she thinks Buzz Lightyear sounds like Bless You!
        Surpressing a laugh I continued by pointing to Woody and asking, "And, what is his name?"
        "Toy Story!" 

Close enough!

Picture of "Bless You" courtesy of disney store. com
Picture of "Toy Story" courtesy of disney store. com

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