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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Communicating by 100 Goal!

During my difficult pregnancy, and a rather rocky transition into having two children, my main focus has been survival! And, sleep. Yes, to survive and to sleep. I gotta say it though, I am now ready to raise the bar! I feel like I have a years worth of living, and teaching my toddler, to make up for and I am finally ready to set some higher expectations for myself!

I want to do a better job of catering to my daughters exceptional ability to communicate. She loves to interact with people. She is obsessed with words! And I want to encourage this. So, I am making a goal of 100.

We're going to focus on learning to sign 100 words in American Sign Language, of saying 100 words in Spanish, and in recognizing 100 written words... all by the time she turns three next March.

She already has a solid foundation in each category, so I know she will succeed if only I get my act together and show her the way!

So what? Why post about it here on this blog, this... sewing blog. Well, my sewing is packed away in boxes at the moment. And, more importantly, I want to "give a little, take a little" from this wonderful online entity of moms and teachers. Already, I have found marvelous plans and activities for kiddos from other blogs and pinterest and I want to share them as I use them.

I think together, we can raise the best generation of young people this world has ever seen! It's going to take work and persistence. But, with all the resources we have available to us through modern technology, anything less than the absolute best in our offspring is not acceptable.


  1. This is such a great idea! I bet she does wonderful, she is such a smart girl! Keep me updated!

  2. Guess I will have to study to keep up with her!!