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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Splash Park!

We moved our little family to a whole new state and we couldn't be happier! Hubby doesn't start school for another month, so we have lots of time to play and explore when he isn't working. We discovered a fantastic park just a short distance from our home. This park is BEAUTIFUL! Very large and well kept. Babe isn't too sure of the splash part of it yet, but she loved listening to the music and watching the lights as the carousel went around.
Aren't those rolls adorable?

Brrr Dad it's cold!

This place is so neat!

They offer a package price for 75 rides. Can you even imagine going around and around that much? Bleh!


  1. I LOVE this park. We lived right across from it in those ghetto apt for a month. This park is usually loaded with students... had some good times there. Oh I should tell you- great place to get your haircut... The Hair Acadamy. Its a beauty school but if you ask for a 2nd level person they do a really good job.

  2. Also if you havent found Craigos Pizza yet over on the street Walmarts on, its a must try.

  3. Students? Aw man. I'm not ready for summer to end because I don't want to share my new town with college kids! Thanks for the hair tip! Jacob went there today and I will go next month because I already spent my August allowance! ha ha. Craigos, eh? Will have to check it out!